"I feel your pain"

As a 15 year liveaboard, Mike Hollywood knows what it’s like to continually throw money down a hole in the ocean. Mike’s been through it all: insurance, damage, repairs and upkeep.

Mike’s goal to make the survey process as painless as possible for boat owners, so you can get back to enjoying your boat as intended.


Holland Collage Marine Institute
Summerside PEI - 1996

Transport Canada-Accredited  / Chief Mate Near Coastal 3000T Watch Keeping Mate

Other Credentials and Training:

25 Year Canadian Navy Lt(N) ret.

Canadian Forces Auxiliary Fleet Safety Officer / Inspections of Floating Platforms & Fleet Auxiliary Vessels

15 years Live aboard – Pleasure SV- ‘Dark Princess’ 50 LOA  –  sailing up / down the Pacific N.W.