Pre-Purchase Surveys

Buying a boat?

This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel.

We can help you with a full vessel survey. We survey all types of yachts; from 25' center consoles up to 100+' yachts, including sailing yachts and multi hulls.
Before you buy a boat we can perform a brief preliminary inspection for out of town buyers, and we can perform a full pre-purchase inspection for the boat you intend to buy. We will be looking out for your interests and will do anything we can to assist you with the boat selection process.

The general condition and over all operation of the vessel should be examined in detail. This includes such items as a structural integrity assessment, out of water inspection, sea trial, inspection of the electrical system, propulsion system(s), fuel system, machinery, navigation equipment, miscellaneous on-board systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics and overall maintenance.

What is a Marine Surveyor? What does a Boat Surveyor Do? Do I Need One?

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